What we do

ISU Norway Action Plan 2019/2020
The Action Plan describes what the ISU National Board plans to focus on the following year.

ISU Policy Paper 2018 - 2022
The Policy Paper explains the organisation`s basic principles and general political priorities.

National Board Internal Guidelines
The guidelines are meant to guide the National Board in their activities and governing of the organisation.

ISU Norway Resolutions

Resolution on Gender Equality

Resolution on International Student Participating in Student Democracy 16

Resolution ZINASU 2016

Resolution on Immigration Regulations (Updated after LM1 2016)

Resolution on Syrian Refugee Crisis 2016

Resolution on Discontinuation of the Quota Scheme 2016

Resolution regarding discrimination of Iranian Students 2015

Resolution on Quality in Education and Internationalization 2015

Resolution concerning schools in conflict situations 2015

Support_NSOs_Resolution_regarding_digital_media 2011

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  • Frivillighet Norge
  • LNU
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The National Board consists of 5 elected members and one Organizational Consultant. New members are elected every year to take up positions on the National Board. All ISU members are free to run for any position on the Board.