Local Branch Tools

Local Branch Toolkit
In this page there is a toolkit for Local Branches to operate with. Get started from the top and use the tools to make some of the bureaucratic work easier. If you have questions on how to use the tools don't hesitate to write to: nationalsecretary@isu-norway.no or union@isu-norway.no

Organize a General Assembly
General Assembly Advice

Remember to write minutes for your local board record keeping and send them to the Union Development officer in the Executive Board: Union@isu-norway.no

Get Access to the Bank Account
Each Local branch have an account in the ISU Norway bank account system. Please make sure that you update and change this every time the Local Branch changes their treasurer. Fill out and send the following excel to nationalsecretary@isu-norway.no:

Change Treasurer in the Nettbank

Apply to LNU Frifond Barn and Unge
Budgeting Advice

Budget Sample

Application Questions Translation

Translated Guidelines and Rules for the Fund

Finances and Record Keeping
For good record keeping every local branch has to at least annually and preferably pr. semester fill in and send the following templates to nationalsecretary@isu-norway.no

General Assembly Report

Annual or Semester Report

Accounting Template

Continuity Handbook 2017-2018
ISU Continuity Handbook October 2017/2018

  • ESN
  • Frivillighet Norge
  • LNU
  • SAIH
  • NSO
  • ANSA
  • Ui
The National Board consists of 5 elected members and one Organizational Consultant. New members are elected every year to take up positions on the National Board. All ISU members are free to run for any position on the Board.