About ISU

The International Students' Union of Norway is committed to the social, academic and political interests of all international students studying in Norway.


Across Norway

ISU has 28 Local Branches in 28 Universities and Colleges.

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  • We are Hiring!

    The International Students’ Union of Norway (ISU) is seeking to recruit an Organizational Consultant for a temporary position in our Oslo office. Our...

  • Education for some, but not for all?

    International students in Norway react to the budget proposal from the Progress Party (FrP) for support for the introduction of tuition fees  ...

  • Is Norway heading towards a future with tuition fees?

    ISU's President, Amine Fquihi, was recently interviewed by Inter Universitas, where he indicates that "Høyre states in the first draft of their party...

  • Høyre wants to introduce tuition fees for international students. ISU says no!

    We at the International Students’ Union of Norway are saddened by Høyre's first draft of its new party program that seeks to introduce...

  • Get more time to raise money

    The government sets a deadline that is crucial for international students to obtain a residence permit.   By: Torkjell Trædal English translation of...



On this site, you will find information about ISU, our partners and member organizations and our national board. There are also links to relevant information for international students in Norway.

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