UDI requirements for renewal of study permits 2017/2018

ISU-Norway wishes to inform all international students who hold temporary and renewable study residence permits of the up to date requirements for 2017/2018 as updated in the UDI website.

  1. Ensure that you register your application on the application portal and book an appointment with the police before expiry of the residence permit. The recommended time is three months before your current residence permit expires. The expected processing time is 8 weeks


  1. Students aged over 18 years have to pay a permit renewal fees of NOK 3,200.


  1. Show documentation of study progresse which indicates that you are in a normal academic progress as per the course structure. Contact your study coordinator or faculty for assistance with this.


  1. UDI states that it is their mandate to consider whether a student should continue with the entitlement of part time work. Therefore your institution has to provide documentation that you can manage part time and studies concurrently. Note that if your work is relevant to your studies, you may apply for a full time work contract.


  1. Documentation of subsistence, which is currently at NOK 111 657 for the academic year 2017/2018. Note that is money may consist of student loans, grants, or own savings. Besides income from a part time job contract in Norway may be included.


As ISU we advise all international students to process their study permits in time. Besides consult your respective international office at your institution for issues that may be relevant to your programme. Moreover, contact UDI in advance for more personal issues that can may be better off handled by them.


My very best wishes as we come towards end of this semester.


Eric Kimathi

Political Affairs Officer

International students union of Norway (ISU-Norway)



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