The time for examinations is here.

November and December is a period that some (if not most) students approach with anxiety, fear, curiosity and apprehension due to the imminent exams and tight deadlines for submission of essays. This coupled with part-time work (for those working), family commitments and participation in many student organizations, the enormous task of preparing and facing exams may prove to be weary and stressful. However it’s is arguably obvious that no student wishes to fail at the university and therefore there is need to learn to prepare oneself emotionally, psychologically and physically for this exerting period.

As International students’ union of Norway, we wish to share a couple of possible ways we students can use in coping with the exam period.

  • Firstly, believe in yourself - It’s important for a student to believe that they have the ability that matches the task ahead. The fact that you qualified to be admitted in your specific programme means that the selection committee believed you were qualified enough to survive the rigours of the course.
  • Plan ahead – in this regard it is important to break bigger tasks into smaller tasks and in the order of their priority. In this way you will be able to allocate adequate time for each task based on the deadline and it’s magnitude.
  • Seek help – it is said that “no man is an island”- In case you realise you don't understand some of your course material, or you do not know exactly what you need to do it’s important to take action to address the problem directly by seeing your course tutor or getting help from your class mates. In case of stress, seek counselling and psychosocial support from possible avenues within your reach.
  • Exercise- Work outs have been said to be a source of relaxation for both the body and mind. This could be yoga, dancing, indoor or outdoor sport activities among others. They will help to keep you feeling calm and balanced, improve your concentration levels and help you to sleep better.
  • Always see the big picture- At the moment exams may be the biggest challenge you may be facing but even then they aren’t the only thing in life. Learn to appreciate other thing around you; this could be family, friends, social activities or hobbies. In the bigger scheme of life exams are only a small part of it.

As the international students Union of Norway, we take this opportunity to wish all students in institutions of higher learning the best in the forthcoming end of semester exams.


Written by

Eric Kimathi

Political Affairs Officer.


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