Jose Antonio de Pool Moran


From Maracaibo, Venezuela. I’ve just finished my bachelor’s degree of Science in Biology with a minor in Biotechnology at Nord University. I will move on with a Master’s degree in Bioscience, with a specialization in Genomics. At Nord University, I’ve been working as a consultant for events that the university arranges. In ISU Bodø, I was also secretary for a semester, and then President of the same branch for a year. Because of all my past experience and my background in business administration, I’m confident that I will do a good job as National President. I have a wonderful new team with fresh ideas to rely on, so I know together we will try our best to accomplish the goals that we set out to. My focus will be on internationalization, student visa fees, Norwegian language courses, and protecting international student rights. I look forward to having a close relationship between ISU and all our partners. Its my hope that we can well work together to advance our mutual interests within higher education in Norway. My hobbies include playing the piano and the guitar, I'm an avid reader of basically anything (non-fiction, fiction) and writes short stories.



Sam Davies


Union Development Officer



Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, I am currently studying the Master of Science in International Relations at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Prior to coming to Norway to study, I worked in International Education at the Auckland University of Technology for two and a half years. For my new role in the executive board of ISU, I hope to bring the same energy and enthusiasm that I brought to my role as president of ISU NMBU. I look forward to tackling some of the challenges currently faced by international students, strengthening and supporting all the local ISU branches and improving the overall welfare of international students studying in Norway. I want more international students to be able to come and study in Norway, which means pushing for an easier process of getting here, making it more affordable to live here and increasing awareness of Norway as a study destination for international students.I look forward to working with all of ISU's partners, to continue strengthening to relationships that already exist and seek to develop new partnerships where possible. I am particularly interested in supporting the embassies partnership and further focus on strengthening and supporting all ISU local branches. My hobbies include hiking, climbing, playing football and generally being active.





Political Affair Officer



I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am currently studying the Master of Science in Maritime Management (Technical) at the Universiteteti-Sorost Norge.I had my Bachelor from Bangladesh Marine Academy and I worked as an Engineering Officer in couple of sea going vessels. I have been the president of ISU-Vestfold. I love working for ISU and I am looking forward to doing my job in a better way so that the International Students can have a better situation when they come here to study and work.I am also really excited to work with all of ISU's partners and looking forward to making a better relationship and strong bonding with each of them so that we can continue to toil for the better days ahead. One my goals as the incoming PAO is to increase ISUs visibility through social media and disseminate information widely on various laws and policies within higher education in Norway and internationally. Currently this is a hard time for International Students in Norway and the recent policy decisions by the government to scrap quota scheme, introduce higher subsistence fees and the 65% increase on visa fees are indicators of the challenging times for international students. Its therefore important that ISU and other partners will try work together to find solutions and make things better.

One of my hobbies is travelling.


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