A lot of international students in Norway have some form of part-time work to help with the high cost of living in Norway. Sometimes, employers can take advantage of students. If that happens, it is important to know your rights as an employee. You can see one example below and what you can do to solve it:

When employees do not get salary that they are entitled to from the employer, there are two different ways to go depending on to what one believes to be the reason for the lack of payment.

Option number one:

If the employer is reluctant to pay due to disagreement of the existence of the claim - or just reluctance - the employee first of all has to send a registered letter to the employer where he/she describes the claim and demand payment within a given date. The payment date can be for example 7-10 days forward in time. If the employer does not pay within the date the employee has set, the employee can contact the Norwegian Forliksråd (minor civil court) in the county where the employer is located. They will help the employee set up a formal complaint, and then the parties will be summoned for an arbitration arrangement by the minor civil court. The case might be resolved through decision or compromise.
Follow this link: http://www..forliksraadet.no/site/img/5/Medlemmer_og_adresser.doc

If one doesn’t reach a compromise, the case has to be settled in court. You must then contact legal aid.


Option number two:

If the employer cannot pay due to insolvency, the employee may declare him bankrupt. The process is a bit different, but starts out in the same way as explained earlier: The employee sends a registered letter where he/she describes the claim, and demand payment.

If he does not pay within the given date, the employee has to wait four weeks before he/she sends a request of payment (bankruptcy notice). This has to be served by a public officer. Contact the local government administration for further advice on the proceedings.

You can read more about this at this link in English:

No agreement with employee:

If you do not reach a compromise, the case has to be settled in court. You must then contact legal aid.

Phone numbers for free legal aid:

+47 22 84 29 00

+47 55 58 96 00

+47 77 64 45 59

Also, if a student is a member of a union they will help the student and offer free legal help.

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