ISU Kick-off 2015


Fasten your seatbelts everyone - ISU is going to kick-off the autum semester 2015 with the first ISU Kick-off camp in ISU Norway’s history!
The autumn semester start is approaching soon and ISU Norway is for the first time going to make a kick-off event for two ISU members from each local branch. UntitledWe will be about 65 international students from all over the world together for a weekend on the 25th to the 27th of September. The location will be the idylic Sanngrund Camping which the National Board visited for a weekend weekend in July to check out.22
We are looking forward to meet newly arrived international students and ISU active students for a weekend with team bonding and introductions to how ISU Norway work. During the weekend there will be courses focused on the volunteer work ISU members do on local levels. There will be a lot of bonding activities so you can all get to know each other. We will have fun with creativity in stereotypes, entertainment, games, and we will work with the core interests of ISU Norway. On Saturday night there will be an international dinner and a lot of entertainment and socializing.
More information about the weekend can be found below.




We are all excited to see you there!
Best regards,
ISU National Board 2014/2015



  • ESN
  • Frivillighet Norge
  • LNU
  • SAIH
  • NSO
  • ANSA
  • Ui
The National Board consists of 5 elected members and one Organizational Consultant. New members are elected every year to take up positions on the National Board. All ISU members are free to run for any position on the Board.