On November 17th 1939, eight students and one professor were executed without trial for protesting against Nazi powers in Prague. One thousand two hundred other students were sent to concentration camps and all universities were closed down, with the clear intent of suppressing academic activism.

On November 17th 1989, demonstrations marking International Students’ Day produced a ripple effect leading to the reform of Czechoslovakia from a socialist to a democratic system in only a few weeks.

Today, International Students’ Day is celebrated around the world not only to commemorate these events, but also to celebrate student activism and promote awareness for students’ needs and rights, with the intent to improve higher education both for students and society as a whole.

ISU Norway operates with the aim to represent and advocate for the social, academic and political interests of international students. International Students’ Day celebrates the goals ISU seeks to achieve, that is why we celebrate this event yearly.

Although the history of this day is tragic, we celebrate the event by increasing the visibility of international students, spreading positivity while doing so. This year, ISU branches throughout Norway have been commemorating this day through fun events like country vs country pub quizzes, free hug events, giving out hot chocolate and much more.

Please enjoy the video as students share what being an international student means to them.

Happy International Students Day!

Yesterday ISU Local Branches celebrated the Internatinal Students Day in advance.Sidonie Gindre, intern at ISU Norway this autum and International Student at UiO have written a blog about the story behind the day. Go read her blog here:http://isu-norway.no/happy-international-students-day/

Publicerat av International Students' Union of Norway (ISU-NORWAY) Lördag 17 november 2018


Sidonie is an international student studying political science at the University of Oslo. She has been interning with ISU working on two projects including creating the video commemorating International Students’ Day 2018.

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