Committees for LM1

According to ISU Norway`s Constitution and the clause approved for Committee elections at the 1st Leadership Meeting, ISU Norway will elect the following committees at Leadership Meeting 1 in Tromsø (4th and 6th November 2016):

  • Political Committee (up to 8 members)
  • 3.5.3: Political Committee
  1. The Political Committee (PC) will be elected at the National Assembly.
  2. The Political Committee consists of up to 8 members.
  3. The PC is responsible for running political campaigns and coordinating the reaction to the Government State Budget in cooperation with the EC and the NB.
  4. The Political Committee must meet at least six times per year
  • Editorial Committee (8 members)
  • 3.5.4: Editorial Committee


  1. Chief Editor
  2. Assistant editor
  3. Marketing manager
  4. Maximum of five board members

Editorial Committee Responsibilities

  • Responsible for production of at least semester magazine publication
  • Involved in budgeting and strategic planning of magazines
  • Identify and contact potential advertisement partners/clients
  • The board shall be answerable to the National board.
  • Elections Committee (3 members)
  • 3.5.5: Elections Committee
  1. The Elections Committee shall consist of three total members.
  2. No person can serve on the Elections Committee that is running for a national level board or committee position.
  3. The Elections Committee is responsible for interviewing and recruiting candidates for positions in any of the boards or committees.
  4. The committee works with the NB to fill vacant spots on the committees and boards if there is a vacancy between the LMs or the NA.
  5. If there is a vacancy in the Elections Committee then the National Board will elect the final spot.


If interested to apply to one of the Committees, send an e-mail to by Monday 31st of October with the following information:

  • E-mail headline: “ISU Norway Elections Committees”
  • Committee you want to apply (you can apply to more than one):
    • Political Committee
    • Editorial Committee
    • Elections Committee

“Please specify if there is any concrete position you want to apply or just as a member of the committee”

  • Higher education institution in Norway and studies (including your study year)
  • Letter of motivation (1-page maximum in pdf file)
  • CV (1-page maximum in pdf file)
  • All candidates will have a maximum 3 minutes to present themselves on the time will be communicated later. If you can´t attend the Leadership Meeting, we will ask you to send a video of no more than 3 minutes presenting yourself.

Note: You can still apply for the Committees after 31st of October by sending an e-mail to However, on 31st of October we will send the applications received to the delegates attending the Leadership meeting. Applications received after 31st of October will be presented directly to the Leadership Meeting.

ISU Norway National Office 2016-2016

Daniel, Eric, Alex and Silje

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