Celebrating the International Students Day

Today is a great occasion when we are celebrating the International Students Day. This is a day with a history and purpose of showing solidarity against oppressive activities against students across the world. The initial celebrations were centered on opposition to Nazi German storming into Czech universities killing nine people and forcing students into concentration camps. In the recent past however, the day has tremendously evolved to celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism of their international students in a non-political way.

This year in Norway, the International Students Union of Norway (ISU-Norway) is marking the occasion with our “Free hugs for inclusion campaign” meant to promote friendliness and integration among students within Norwegian universities. All 27 ISU branches will hold the event from today and during the week to promote it. This will involve offering free waffles, and hot drinks and of course a hug. This year’s occasion is a celebration of the continued free higher education in Norway for all students. The voices championing for introduction of tuition fees for international students have gained momentum in recent times but it’s a great joy that this has not happened.

We hope that Norway will continue opening more possibilities for inbound and outward mobility of students to achieve the goals of internationalization, especially internationalization at home which is facing the challenge of a lack of international students due to the abolishment of the quota scheme in 2015. ISU-Norway will continue supporting all organizations and universities towards creating a robust environment that will maximize on the gains of internationalization locally.

We appreciate all our stakeholders and partners for continued support to the international student community in Norway.

Happy International students Day

Eric Kimathi

National President


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